Brandname Exchange

A shop that sells and buys pre-owned luxury handbags, watches, and other products

Guarantees 100% authentic pre-owned luxury products with high-price offerings. Moreover, we evaluate the product and give instant payment so that our customers can enjoy our service to the fullest

A Vast Array Of Top Brands

We sell and purchase luxury handbags, such as pre-owned Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, or luxury watches like pre-owned Rolex and Patek.

High Quality Guaranteed

With more than 10 years of experience in exchanging pre-owned luxury handbags, we became experts in inspecting products in detail and precisely.

We assure that you will receive 100% authentic luxury products. You can also check the origin of the product to reinforce your confidence in us.


Fair Purchase


Customer-Friendly Price

We are ready to buy the item at the highest price possible after assessing the conditions of the item. Additionally, you will be given some special privileges for shopping after buying or trading with us.

Instant Product Appraisal

A pre-owned luxury handbags shop must not only have a physical store, a wide variety of products, and customer-friendly prices but also an expertise in providing a fast product quality assessment and payment.

Investing is important for your future financial condition. Good investors need to diversify their investments across a wide range of assets. And one of the interesting investment options is investing in luxury handbags. However, not all luxury handbags are worthy of investment. It is essential to study the market of pre-owned luxury handbags of your interest, the prices of the items, and popular brands in the market so that we can choose to buy luxury handbags that are aesthetically pleasing and potentially high-priced in future sales.

Look for High-End Brands
Luxury handbags that are popular and quickly sold out are high-end brands that do not have sales promotion, such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Christian Louboutin and Chanel, etc. Besides fixing the prices, these high-end brands would constantly launch out new models that attract millions of people.

Invest in Classic or Limited Edition Handbags
Luxury handbags that are worthy of investment are pre-owned legendary classic luxury handbags that dominate the hearts of people in every era. Besides classic luxury handbags, limited edition lines of branded handbags are equally worthy of investment. Due to their production that is below market demand, countless people are willing to pay a premium price to own these handbags.

If you still cannot decide which luxury handbags or models to invest in, start from investing in your favorite brands or models. Later if you are bored with them, you can look for a shop that offers good prices and sell your items to make some profits.

Everyone wants to look amazing on special days to meet important people. Whether it's for a date, work, or meeting a client, wearing luxury clothes or watches that are designed by professional designers help us build a strong and unique identity, allowing the owner to stand out among the crowd. However, investing in luxury products can be difficult for beginners. This is why you need a trustworthy pre-owned designer handbag shop like Brandname Exchange to trade luxury products at a more affordable price.

Whenever you are hesitant about the brand you want to invest in and do not have sufficient time to try them out and choose them, why not follow celebrities’ recommendations? Why? It’s because celebrities that share similar personalities to you may share similar preferences with you.

Nevertheless, the frustrating problem for all fashionistas is boredom. No matter how much you love your favorite item, you tend to lose interest and get bored of it quickly.

Anyone who gets bored from using the same handbag repeatedly can try selling or trading the item with a pre-owned luxury handbags shop. Besides getting to experience a new feeling with a new collection of luxury handbags, every girl can keep up with the new trends and fashion while not lavishing their money. This is a wise decision made by wise people who really know the tricks to stay up-to-date with the fashion in the modern world.

In the present days, wearing items from luxury brands (e.g. Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel, Dior, etc.) in various events is a common tactic people use for enhancing their looks and social status. Therefore, it can be said that having one 100% authentic luxury handbag in your possession is a necessity. If you are looking for a luxury handbag at a lower price, you can try looking for a pre-owned luxury handbag from our Brandname Exchange store.

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